CCTV Systems

Never has the need for CCTV been greater, Fortunately never has the cost/Quality ratio been so good. Gone are the days of fuzzy unrecognisable images. Modern systems offer truly amazing picture quality combined with an unprecedented easy of user control.


Custodian have been installing CCTV systems since the days of 300 TV line Black and white cameras of the 80s. Fast forward 35 years and you are now in the realm of up to 4k 25mega pixel full colour Digital cameras which can not only pick out details of the finest quality but also automatically analysing environments for various conditions such as abandoned luggage to crowd violence. All with no user input.

All recording are now digital, offering truly effortless user control when viewing and playback is required. Remote monitoring and viewing is made simple with stunningly designed Software and Apps available for use to view your systems from any location on the planet.

Resolution and Quality

4K Ultra HD

4K CCTV has become the new must have resolution standard for systems where large amounds of image data are required. The utilisation of these cameras in crowd control and high security environments have created solutions to a sector which previously required Very costly deployments of multiple high quality cameras. Having to be seen to be believed 4k is a solution that should be demanded if security is taken seriously at any environment.


1080 p HD

1080p HD installations are the benchmark Custodian strive to install. This high quality resolution solution comes at a cost that is truly irresistible. The deployment of a quality 1080p HD system will realise its investment in no time at all. From petty theft to incidence of health and safety, can you afford to be without these systems for long?

Analogue SD

Analogue Systems currently account for 85% of all systems installed. It is therefore hard to justify further investment into these systems if you already have one installed. These systems offer ideal scenery images, however they do offer very limited details within the image. It is common to be unable to identify people or items like number plates. Long durations of recording, however is relatively cheap.


System types and installation options

CCTV systems are broken into two types, Analogue and Digital. These types determine cabling methods and technology available. Careful consideration must be made to Resolution required for viewing and recording. This then effects directly the record duration and how much HDD space is required. Finally the chosen system type can also be influenced by distance to the cameras and therefore cabling method used.

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Traditional CCTV systems have always used a proprietary cabling system to carry video feeds. This has typically been Coaxial cable Rg59. Cabling distance is generally restricted to distances no greater than 200m. In recent years technology has allowed the interference free transmission on Cat5e cabling. This also allowed greater flexibility with distances. Fibre has then been used in high demand installations where distances are significantly greater. With the use of Analogue video transceivers distances of multiple of miles is achievable.

IP Digital

Modern technology allows the use of data switched networks to transmit multiple cameras on a single deployment. The cameras can be powered by POE network switches, allowing for sophisticated camera monitoring. In Small system applications the use of existing Data Networks and Switches allows for rapid and cost effective system deployment. In larger systems consideration to the current network capacity must be made. It is often recommended to install appropriate cabling and switch gear to ensure the high camera band widths do not effect operational performance of a clients network.


Camera Quantity and Recording

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Choosing camera quantities.

The Number of cameras installed is naturally the most important element of your system. Your custodian consultant shall advise you of what the most efficient way to monitor your property and requirements. They will be able to advise you on the limitations and advantages of each camera type and lens size. Taken into account should also be future proofing! it is often cheaper to add expandability at the install stage than it is at a later date.

The central Recorder and signal processor to these systems come in 4 options 4,8,16 or 32 channel inputs. This however should not be seen as a limiting factor as system can be stacked.

Record Quality and Duration

Although gone are the days or grey fuzzy recorded images, the ability to record in real time and HD quality has to be done to the expense of Large Storage capacities. Luckily however the cost of storage is reducing year by year. Also the individual storage capacity of a single disk is now up to 6000 gb ( 6 Terra Bites ). We are therefore able to achieve substantial record periods at relatively low costs.

We utilise Western Digital Purple HDDs. These drives are designed to be able to work reliably within the constant demand environment of CCTV recording. They are capable of running continuously for many years without any break. This creates a reliability essential for CCTV not available on cheaper products.