Intruder Alarms

 Intruder Alarm Systems.

Custodian are able to offer a bespoke range of intruder detection systems. Whatever your requirement or budget, we are able to Design, Supply and install the most appropriate system for your needs.

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Custodian electrical are able to offer a full range of Intruder Alarm installations. From Simple but effective Bells only systems to Full police response multi tenant installations. Custodian provide a Free consultation to establish your risk assessed requirements. Custodian use only the most reliable brands, therefore ensuring the most reliable system possible.

Choosing your System type

Intruder Alarm systems can be generally broken down in 4 sub categories. The type of system will depend on you specific requirements and also those of your insurers. A Property Risk assessment will produce a report from which a Grade can be advised. The method and type of installation method can then be chosen.

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Bells Only

Installation Method

The installation of your system is critical to the longevity and its accuracy. With over 35 years of Inruder Alarm installation experience, we use our detailed Knowledge of EN 50131 standards to ensure your system meets the strict criteria laid out. We will do this all whilst being increadible sensitive to your properties appearance and décor. We endeavour to install “invisible” systems, this is achieved by the use of highly skilled engineers and also a vast array of technology.requirement

Wired Systems.

Where appropriate we shall cable our devices and systems. This provides the most maintenance free option. However this can only be done where building structures allow. In most cases even fully decorated nd furnished properties would be able to be wired where no cables will be visable. However in some properties an alternative method is needed.

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Wireless Technology

Wireless technology has advanced greatly in the last few years. With particular thanks to Lithium Ion batteries, Wireless technology is both reliable and accurate. It is also now accepted in systems that require police response.

Hybrid Systems

To give ultimate flexibility we also offer Hybrid systems where a seamless integration of both wired and wireless devices allow us to install systems catering to every need and requirement


Custodian utilise equipment from only the most respected and commended Supply Partners. We have direct trade accounts with the manufacturers, ensuring a close relationship. This enables us to access directly any support required for the products being used, minimising down time and improving the customer experience.



Quality Assurance


Custodian Have been audited successfully for 13 years by the national body SSAIB. A leading independent quality auditor ensuring quality in the Security Industry. This registration ensures we are able to carry out all aspects of security installation and tests that we continue to operate within the strict criteria of the British and European Standards